Leonardo Mostarda

I am Associate Professor at Camerino University, Italy. I got my Ph.D. in 2006 at University of L'Aquila. In 2006 I was working as a research associate on the CUSPIS FP6 project in cooperation with the European Space Agency (ESA). In 2007 I was Research Associate at the Computing Department, Distributed System and Policy Group, Imperial College London . In 2010 I was Senior Lecturer at Middlesex University in the Distributed Systems and Networking Department. For more information click the about me link.


The submission for: IEEE IoP 2015 is open.

From 23rd of April 2015 till 6th of May 2015 Professor Orhan Gemikonakli from Middlesex University will give lessons of Distributed Systems at UNICAM .

Email me at: leonardo.mostardaATunicam.it.